Moazzam Sheikh reads from Cafe Le Whore and Other Stories

Saturday, Apr 5 3:00p

Moazzam Sheikh may be the Pakistani immigrant Woody Allen of our times, wringing guilt and manhood torments out of his multicultural background.”—David Lincoln
Moazzam Sheikh was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently a librarian in the Art/Music/Recreation department at the San Francisco public library. In addition, he teaches at City College of San Francisco, writes fiction, and translates fiction from Urdu/Hindi/ Punjabi .

* * * * *

Wednesday, February 26, 7 pm Moazzam Sheikh   reads from his new short story collection,        Cafe Le Whore and Other Stories

* * * * *

Join us in the Granny Smith Room on Wednesday, January 22nd at 7:00 p.m. as we welcome Moazzam Sheikh, who will be reading from his newest book Café Le Whore and Other Stories.

Granny Smith Room  506 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94118

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